Bankruptcy Prevention – Commercial Real Estate Properties

Lenders and investors face losses and bankruptcy prevention for commercial real estate properties has been an imperfect art at best.  Bankruptcy prevention requires monitoring and monitoring requires real-time market forecasting and property-level operating event validation and only INVIZEN IT can do this with the Real-Time Status (or RTS) Asset Care Protection Program.  RTS is designed to virtually eliminate the prospect of a bankruptcy petition resulting from an unforeseen liquidity crisis over the entire term of the loan or investment.  RTS does this be re-underwriting the capital stack of the given commercial real estate property (or portfolio of properties) on a real-time basis in a manner that is very affordable and consistent with capital market underwriting benchmarks.

Reduction of loan loss severity risk is now a practical matter because of the proprietary INVIZEN technology that focuses on three (3) key issues: (i) the fact that all participants in a market economy will continue to act in deference to Rational Choice; and (ii) Rational Choice’s impact on bankruptcy risk is a function of liquidity maintenance; and (iii) liquidity maintenance is a function of the potential revenue capture opportunity the market presents to the subject business.  These conditions precedent are played out in the analytics, algorithms and proprietary software solutions that power the world’s only end-to-end solution that incorporates near-instantaneous site/market valuation programming for up to 28 intended-use scenarios with near-instantaneous full feasibility study analytics and a comprehensive suite of near-instantaneous underwriting program elements that seek to satisfy the capacity, collateral, credit and technical default risk underwriting requirements INVIZEN deploys.

Nobody else can offer this unique service and yet it is extremely affordable.  How affordable?  Using a $25 million CRE asset as an example, a 10-year enrollment subscription would cost less than 1.5% of that asset over the entire 10-year enrollment period for constant monitoring.

Find out more about how you can lower your loss severity risk and sleep better at night by contacting INVIZEN today at 832.663.9634.