Retail CRE Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Protection

The retail commercial real estate (CRE) market disruption is going to continue and that means the retail CRE implosion will continue.  This makes retail CRE bankruptcy and foreclosure protection a topic of keen concern.  The retail CRE bankruptcy and foreclosure protection program provided by the INVIZEN IT Real-Time Status (or RTS) Asset Care Protection Program is designed to help put an end to this malady because only the INVIZEN RTS can operate in the real-time environment to provide the industry’s first end-to-end solution for loss prevention and the reduction of loss severity risk in the CRE vertical – including in-line retail properties, enclosed malls, single-tenant properties and mixed-use properties.

RTS represents a fundamental departure from the failed analytics and reporting mechanisms of the past that promised so much, but have not been able to deliver the solution the industry really wants – the luxury of having the entire capital stack, the entire market opportunity and the entire technical default risk potentials re-underwritten each and every month of the term of the loan or investment holding period, as the case may be.

RTS represents a new wave – a proactive approach and not a reactive approach like FICO score-based solutions and other subjective measurements that are subject to interpretation and therefore controversy.

Default underwriting process pic

The RTS works in real-time to manage term default risk and thereby eliminate the potential for maturity default risk.  The reporting compliance system works to provide technical default risk monitoring to provide a complete solution that only INVIZEN can offer.

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