Bankruptcy Risk Mitigation

Bankruptcy risk is the nightmare every commercial real estate equity investor and lender go to bed with every night and commercial real estate investment bankruptcy risk mitigation is a focus of the INVIZEN Real-Time Status (RTS) Asset Care Protection Program’s proactive operating approach to business loan and investment loss severity risk mitigation.  The INVIZEN approach is designed to provide an end-to-end solution for loss severity risk mitigation for all asset classes and types of capital investment that starts with the pre-funding underwriting due diligence process and then continues throughout the entire investment holding period.  In addition to bankruptcy risk mitigation, the INVIZEN RTS program provides a proactive, real-time mitigation program approach that provides up to 24 months notice of pending market disruption events and other conditions that can lead to asset impairment.  Whether you are a sponsor, issuer, broker-dealer, registered investment advisor, lender or investor the INVIZEN RTS program is designed to help maximize investment performance assurance by proactively:

Investment loss severity risk reduces the availability of critical equity capital financing for commercial real estate ADC financings and disposition financings and the INVIZEN program is designed to provide an alternative path to resolving these thorny issues by:

  • Conducting a real-time valuation analysis each month of the asset holding period of a wide range of alternative intended-use scenarios to ascertain if the current assets may require re-positioning or re-development into another intended-use to maximize profit-taking opportunities; and
  • Conducting a real-time market feasibility analysis and financial feasibility each month of the asset holding period for the current intended-use to ascertain if changes in market conditions may in fact impact the future revenue-generating potential of the property and local market area; and
  • Conducting a real-time underwriting analysis and due diligence review to determine what measures may be required to maximize the opportunity for investment performance assurance and elimination of investment loss due to an unforeseen liquidity crisis.

There is so much more to the INVIZEN Real-Time Status Asset Care Protection Program that INVIZEN was intentionally designed to support:

  • CRE Developers & Sponsors.  Developers and sponsors seeking capital financing have the advantage of a systemic solution that provides the support needed to increase the odds of a successful capital financing outcome.
  • Investors & Lenders.  Investors and lenders seeking to participate in commercial real estate securities private placement offerings and other credit instruments have the advantage of a systemic solution that provides the highest practical investment performance assurance we can contrive.
  • Broker-Dealers & Registered Investment Advisors.  Securities broker-dealers and registered investment advisors on both the buy-side and sell-side of the transaction have the advantage of a reporting system that provides FINRA compliance support, protection from future investment fraud claims, increased transaction velocity and the opportunity to increase their operating margins – all in one package.

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