Commercial Real Estate Market Due Diligence Services

Whether your are on the buy-side or sell-side, INVIZEN’s commercial real estate market due diligence services, financial due diligence services, underwriting reviews and post-funding due diligence services (Rainmaker Analytics is listed in the FINRA Compliance Vendor Directory) all serve one goal that you really want but haven’t had:

The elimination of future investment fraud claims loss risk, while reducing your operating costs owing to private placement offerings of securities in commercial real estate income-producing property investments.

Let’s take a reality check:

  • commercial real estate due diligence reportsThe costs of E&O professional liability insurance have become so high, many IBDs can’t afford it (or the carrier is specifically exempting commercial real estate transactions from coverage).
  • The cost of operations for B-Ds has skyrocketed while revenues have started to coast downward.
  • Loss claims tell us the supposed “safe” 1031 exchange vehicle transactions like NNN single-tenant lease DSTs are in fact riskier investments than acquisition, development and construction commercial real estate investments.
  • FINRA and the SEC are making due diligence compliance an issue that threatens the very livelihood of the CRE equity finance vertical.
  • Technology risk is going to continue to create significant term default risk and maturity default risk that has not been addressed to date.

INVIZEN offers the CRE finance industry a new path forward with the only end-to-end solution designed to address the totality of issues facing CRE equity finance professionals and create the following benefit opportunities:

  1. Virtual elimination of future investment fraud claims exposure (the lawyers do not allow us to say “guaranteed”, but it is pretty close to being that).  Wait until you see how we do this and then ask why nobody thought of this sooner.
  2. Proactive protection against execution risk and a full supporting suite of execution risk mitigation programs to inject accountability into the transaction at all levels and for all of the participants in a given transaction from the line employees all the way up to the lender, sponsor, issuer, investor and supporting professionals.  INVIZEN supports the project and the participants the entire way with our exclusive suite of business planning services specifically designed to proactively manage execution risk because the budgets, goals and owner requirements are automatically updated and transmitted down to the line employee level through every level of management that includes tasking, productivity measurement and automated reporting.  What does your due diligence program have?
  3. Proactive protection against loss created by future market disruptions that is driven by technology risk that would otherwise create significant term and maturity default risk.
  4. Real-time valuation, market feasibility due diligence analysis, financial feasibility due diligence analysis, underwriting support and default risk due diligence reviews that start prior to funding and follow the investment all the way to the end of the term that is AFFORDABLE (check our pricing tab and see for yourself).
CRE Investment Loss Severity Risk Prevention Program
Real-Time Status Asset Loss Program Operations Real-Time Phases

INVIZEN offers a true end-to-end solution that is all designed with one goal in mind – preventing future investment and loan losses in CRE finance transactions for the full term of the investment or loan holding period.  The INVIZEN approach is the affordable alternative designed to maximize the benefits of proactive due diligence reviews and analyses for the benefit of the investors and lenders in a given transaction (check our pricing and see for yourself).

Currently, the asset classes supported by the INVIZEN RTS program include the following commercial real estate specific intended-use scenarios:

  • RTAF Technical Report ScreenshotMultifamily Rental Class “A”
  • Multifamily Rental Class “B”
  • Multifamily Rental Class “C”
  • Multifamily Age-Restricted Rental Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Rental Independent Living Facility Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Rental Assisted Living Facility Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Rental Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Facility Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Rental Congregate Care Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Senior Housing
  • Commercial In-Line Retail
  • Commercial Single-Tenant (Retail/Commercial/Healthcare Sub-Scenarios)
  • Commercial Enclosed Retail
  • Commercial Mixed-Use Retail
  • Commercial Office Class “A”
  • Commercial Office Class “B”
  • Commercial Office Class “C”
  • Commercial Light Industrial Flexspace
  • Commercial Distribution Facility
  • Commercial Mini-Storage
  • Hospitality – Resort Class
  • Hospitality – Full Service Class
  • Hospitality – Limited Service Class
  • Hospitality – Value Class

There is a lot to see and talk about here.  The amazing INVIZEN technology goes so much further and can provide so much more than what you have today.  Find out all of the details and how all of this can and will happen for the benefit of your firm, your investors, your sponsors and your lenders by calling INVIZEN at 832.663.9634.