Commercial Real Estate Pro Forma Financial Statements

For developers, sponsors and promoters of commercial real estate securities private placement offerings, a comprehensive due diligence presentation of commercial real estate pro forma financial statements that are fully supported by the intended-use project feasibility study and valuation reports is critical to a successful underwriting outcome.  commercial real estate private placement offeringsINVIZEN offers a one-stop shop for developers and promoters seeking to promote private placement offerings by providing an end-to-end due diligence solution that operates in a real-time construct to provide the documentation you need, when you need it (now!) and at a cost you can finally afford to bear.

The proprietary intellectual program suite of INVIZEN not only generates slick pro forma financial statements for your specific intended-use, but can also provide you with the following key solutions:

  • Site Opportunity Valuation Analysis.  The INVIZEN Real-Time Analytics (RTA) Program creates up to 30 different intended-use site valuations based upon the value of the site to the resulting development program to help ensure you or paying the right price and are maximizing the investment opportunity – all of this happening in a real-time environment and costing as little as $3,500.
  • Project Feasibility Studies.  The INVIZEN Real-Time Analytics Feasibility (RTAF) Program creates a full, complete and tested project market feasibility and financial RTAF Summary Report Screen Shotfeasibility analysis study in the real-time construct to provide the due diligence documentation you need to help get funding commitments faster and provide confidence in the decision to deploy capital.  The RTAF gives you the advantage of obtaining the pro forma financial presentation you need while receiving the feasibility study as an additional benefit for as low as $3,500.
  • Funding Underwriting Analyses & Due Diligence Reviews.  The INVIZEN Real-Time Underwriting (RTU) Program provides a full CREFC-based underwriting review of capacity, collateral, credit and default risks in the real-time construct that includes all of the necessary component analyses and reoprting details you could ask for and then some more.  Whether you are a sponsor, investor, broker-dealer, registered investment advisor or lender, the RTU is your cost-efficient answer for expeditious reviews and decision-making for as little as $3,500.
  • Investment & Loan Loss Prevention Monitoring.  The INVIZEN Real-Time Status (RTS) Program is the ultimate outcome: designed to provide the investor, lender, broker-dealer and sponsor with the information and notices they need to prevent future bankruptcy and foreclosure losses by managing risks and mitigating outcomes in real-time for the full term of the investment holding period.

Currently, the asset classes supported by the INVIZEN RTS program include the following commercial real estate specific intended-use scenarios:

  • Multifamily Rental Class “A”
  • Multifamily Rental Class “B”
  • Multifamily Rental Class “C”
  • Multifamily Age-Restricted Rental Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Rental Independent Living Facility Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Rental Assisted Living Facility Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Rental Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Facility Senior Housing
  • Multifamily Rental Congregate Care Senior HousingDST investment sponsor due diligence
  • Multifamily Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) Senior Housing
  • Commercial In-Line Retail
  • Commercial Single-Tenant (Retail/Commercial/Healthcare Sub-Scenarios)
  • Commercial Enclosed Retail
  • Commercial Mixed-Use Retail
  • Commercial Office Class “A”
  • Commercial Office Class “B”
  • Commercial Office Class “C”
  • Commercial Light Industrial Flexspace
  • Commercial Distribution Facility
  • Commercial Mini-Storage
  • Hospitality – Resort Class
  • Hospitality – Full Service Class
  • Hospitality – Limited Service Class
  • Hospitality – Value Class

Take a few moments and find out what INVIZEN means to your funding or investing prospects in the CRE envelope today by talking to an INVIZEN representative today.  Please call us at 832.663.9634 to learn more about our unique program.