CRE Distressed Asset Sales

Answers That Create New Opportunities

Whether you are seeking distressed asset financing for your CRE project/property or you are seeking distressed asset sales opportunities, we should probably be having a discussion. The INVIZEN Platform was specifically designed to allow both the buy-side and sell-side of a distressed asset financing opportunity to quickly and fairly resolve due diligence, valuation and the component transaction risk issues in a fraction of the time the process typically takes.

Sell-Side Benefits

If you are the sponsor, developer or owner of a CRE property or project, then you are on the sell-side of the transaction. To optimize the opportunity for success, the sell-side participants must assemble all of the component due diligence for the property quickly, then complete the valuation, underwriting review and solicitation process under very tight time constraints. The INVIZEN Platform was conceptually designed to provide the answers in days, not months. Advantage to the sell-side. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Buy-Side Benefits

If you are a investment fund, family office, lender or private investor, then you are on the buy-side of the transaction. To be able to participate in this unique market opportunity, you have to have due diligence documentation that meets the institutional underwriting benchmark. Property information from a commercial real estate broker is nowhere near enough. You need full capacity, collateral, credit and default risk underwriting in light of CREFC and institutional underwriting benchmarks completed and waiting for you. In short: you need Business Intelligence that is actionable and the INVIZEN Platform provides you with this opportunity so you can have the opportunity to participate in these extraordinarily time-sensitive transactions. Contact us regarding the customized underwriting approach we can create for transaction opportunities that are specific to your needs and your execution requirements.

Programs That Offer Real Alternatives.

The INVIZEN Platform’s intuitive transaction opportunity valuation system was specifically designed with the realities of complex commercial real estate capital financing transactions at the forefront.  The INVIZEN Platform incorporates an end-to-end data logic retrieval system (called “ScenarioBuilder”) that connects the complexities of capital market valuation models into the specific risk profile associated with a specific CRE property or new construction project that is located in a specific market of consumers. 

Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Alternatives.

The ScenarioBuilder technology represents a quantum leap forward in creating truly granular investment risk profiles that can be used to “mark to market” every commercial real estate asset located in the 48 states and reflect that resulting risk profile in terms of its unique risk premium (otherwise known as the “promote” by private equity investors).  The promote is modeled by the INVIZEN Platform in terms of its relative value to investors in the capital markets based upon the prices of essentially similar assets currently being exchanged.  The buyer has no reason to purchase an overpriced asset and the seller has no reason to sell the asset for less than its real “risk-adjusted” value.

The best-in-class CRE new construction and acquisition financing underwriting tools

The INVIZEN Platform provides these analyses in a real-time or near real-time setting that combines next-gen analytics with a sophisticated processing system that has end-to-end connectivity based upon the ScenarioBuilder technology. 

The system can be demonstrated to work because the process is intended to follow the transaction AFTER the money changes hands and monitor the investment for the entire term for the purposes of preventing execution risk failures, default risk failures, market failures, liquidity crisis failures and financial reporting transparency failures.  This makes the INVIZEN Platform unique as the legacy systems used in credit and default risk underwriting today can only provide mitigation relief. 

Feasibility Studies Focused on KPIs Tied to Risks
Information on Market Potential
Comprehensive Due Diligence
Unique Market Analysis Focused on Future Deal Structure
Supply & Demand Accounted For
Impact on Capital Financing Defined
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Mitigation is a poor substitute for prevention, and the entire purpose of the INVIZEN Platform is the prevention of loss events from becoming realities by providing sufficient advance notice of pending changes in business operating conditions to allow the sponsor and management team to adjust to changing markets, changing technologies and changing cash flow requirements these markets and technologies require.

Incredible Underwriting Attention to Detail

It starts with transaction screening technologies that eliminate 90% of the work that typically requires the broker-dealer or underwriter up to 6 months to complete.  The Verifier Report takes only a business day to complete but is backed up by over 600 pages of Business Intelligence that provides actionable intelligence instead of just data.  The Verifier Report is based upon the total INVIZEN Platform output capabilities regarding capacity, collateral, credit and default financial risk underwriting that exceeds CREFC, Basel III and CECL accountability and regulatory expectations.

Pricing Your Deal to Maximize Investment Inducement Potential

The Authenticator Report provides the direct inputs of capital markets asset pricing and investment preferences data that is overlaid unto the Verifier Report to provide the important pricing context comparison metrics that serve as actionable intelligence regarding the legitimacy of the screening report’s conclusions.

Full Feasibility Analysis Demonstrates Market Opportunity Like No Other

The First Look Report provides a full and complete market and financial feasibility analysis of the market opportunity, market penetration expectations, competitive set, operating costs, and income-producing capital asset requirements that would attend the transaction.  All based upon the surveyed market evidence and the reduction of empirical assumptions in favor of the principles of Rational Choice Theory playing out at all levels and with all participants.

Full Underwriting Support to Demonstrate Risk Controls

The Final Check Report summarizes the complete underwriting review picture in light of the fact that credit risk and default risk are manageable because only the INVIZEN Platform can provide investors and lenders with the luxury of having the transaction completely underwritten each and every month of the holding period at a fraction of the cost that historically attends these reporting requirements.  This is only possible due to the next-gen analytics and unique processing system that attends the INVIZEN Platform.

Find out what it means to you with a call to Rainmaker Analytics today.  It’s your future and you can grasp it with confidence.