Invizen RTA (Real-Time Analytics)

The bedrock of the Real-Time Status (RTS) Asset Care Protection Program that is designed to prevent future CRE loan and investment losses is the Real-Time Analytics (RTA) Reporting System.  The RTA is the first part of the end-to-end solution designed to provide the basis for making better decisions about how and when to deploy capital investment in the commercial real estate vertical, while helping protect the future CRE business operations from bankruptcy and foreclosure risk.

CRE Investment Loss Severity Risk Prevention Program
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The purpose of the RTA is to provide economic opportunity valuation of specific real property parcels based upon the only thing that really matters – the potential future income stream that property may in fact be able to generate if it were developed for a specific intended-use.  The amazing INVIZEN IT technology runs up to 28 different intended-use scenarios currently that include:

  • Rental Multifamily Scenarios.
  • Rental Senior Housing Multifamily Scenarios.
  • Mixed-Use Scenarios.
  • Hospitality Scenarios.
  • Retail Scenarios.
  • Commercial & Light Industrial Scenarios.

INVIZEN does what used to take months in one (1) day using our real-time analytics program and data sets to provide a resulting site value as that value would pertain to a particular new CRE project development program.  In other words, what the site would be worth to a commercial real estate developer to use for a specific type of CRE asset development program – the only thing that really matters.

The reality is that we live in a market economy.  In a market economy the participants (and that’s all of us) make decisions based upon what is in our own best self-interest – this is called “Rational Choice”.  Developers want to make the most money they can with the least amount of risk.  Sellers want the most money they can get for the least amount of risk.  INVIZEN bridges that knowledge gap so that better decisions have a chance of occurring and occurring at a much faster rate.

The INVIZEN RTS program runs the RTA Report every month on assets enrolled for investment loss prevention monitoring to determine if there may be some other use for the site than what is being currently undertaken that may have the potential to provide a greater investment return for the benefit of the at-risk capital partners in the transaction, as well as the interests of the lender.

Best of all, the RTA is the fast solution that is also affordable (check our pricing and see for yourself).

If you are seeking to obtain the best price for your CRE property or you are considering developing a given CRE property site, then the RTA is the first step in controlling your capital investment risk exposure and starting down the path to making better decisions about how and when to deploy capital investment.

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