CRE Financial Feasibility Studies


The commercial real estate (CRE) finance due diligence burden has never been greater.  CRE financial feasibility studies are part of the core problem as the assumption is that conditions will never change on the ground.  This means the production of most CRE financial feasibility studies are compromised from the date of funding.  What happens after the date of funding?  What happens years down the road when the sponsor, investors, lenders, owner/operator and other participants are exposed to losses because “nobody knew”? 

INVIZEN offers a sane alternative: we provide underwriting analyses, valuation analyses, feasibility studies and investment loss severity risk management and monitoring every month for the entire investment holding period to help provide the highest level of investment performance assurance possible.  This means our pro forma financial feasibility studies are based upon real-time information and intelligence that you just can’t find anywhere else because nobody else does this important tasking.

When it comes to getting the information needed to make sane decisions about deploying capital investment, there is only one real choice.  Find out more by talking to an INVIZEN representative today at 832.663.9634.