CRE Loan & Investment Loss Prevention

Commercial real estate (CRE) loan and investment loss prevention doesn’t have to necessarily be an abstract discussion about the future.  You know what you want but everyone has assumed it cannot be given.  INVIZEN offers you the opportunity to obtain the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that your CRE loan or investment can be proactively monitored against term and maturity default risk for the entire holding period.

Whether you have a DST beneficiary interest to protect, a prime mortgage loan, a mezzanine financing or a bridge financing is not relevant to the Real-Time Status (RTS) program.  RTS offers the market what it has always wanted but has been unable to obtain: the luxury of having the investment completely re-underwritten each and every month of the entire holding period, while having all of the boxes checked regarding administrative compliance for the production of operating reports, payments, escrows, covenant maintenance and related matters.

The problem has always been that underwriting takes way too long and costs way too much to provide the market with what it really has wanted.  INVIZEN breaks this cycle with the RTS program.

The RTS program is the end-to-end solution the CRE industry vertical has been waiting for:

  • CRE loans and investments of all types are underwritten with the same requirements in mind – prevention of a bankruptcy petition from occurring as a result of an unforeseen liquidity crisis, and do so on a forward-looking basis of up to 24 months for the full term of the investment holding period.
  • CRE loans and investments are no longer captive to administrative foreclosure risk as the most common issues are continually checked and monitored by RTS to prevent this completely manageable malady from ruining an otherwise good investment opportunity.
  • Providing investors, lenders and sponsors of CRE income-producing properties with a level of disclosure that is consistent with the needs of FINRA, OCC and other regulatory bodies to help ensure transparency and performance assurance at all levels.

The RTS program takes the final step and provides access to a universe of broker-dealers, investment advisers, lenders, bankers and private investment firms to help provide the sponsor with the opportunity to maximize their own opportunity for a successful outcome.

Find out more about the amazing INVIZEN RTS program and what it can do for your future.  Please call us today at 832.663.9634.