Commercial Real Estate Loan Loss Severity Risk Reduction Programs

The commercial real estate (CRE) vertical presents unique challenges for lenders and investors to manage.  Loan loss severity risk is a real issue that has a real cost – more than $500 billion this year is expected to be lost due to CRE property failures worldwide.  Managing your future means managing your exposure to loan loss severity.  In an ideal world our investments would be made subject to a comprehensive underwriting review each and every month of the holding period, but current practices and technologies have conspired to make this benefit untenable.

The INVIZEN Real-Time Status (or “RTS”) system represents that advancement in technology that can take the CRE vertical to the next level and provide real-time underwriting, real-time market forecasting, and real-time performance assurance tasking to drastically reduce (if not outright eliminate) loan loss severity risk for most asset classes of income-producing properties.  The RTS takes on the task at whatever point in the life cycle the asset is operating within – be it development, redevelopment, pre-construction, construction, initial launch, stabilization or sustained maximum operating capacity – and supports it from that point forward.

The INVIZEN RTS program is a subscription system that operates in the real-time environment utilizing proprietary technologies and programs to provide the outcome you have been seeking and do so in a very cost-efficient way.  Find out more about the RTS and all the other INVIZEN tools for the CRE vertical by calling us today at 832.663.9634.