CRE Acquisitions & Recapitalizations

The INVIZEN IT system is specifically designed to provide real-time underwriting reviews and analyses prior to referral of the sponsor’s proposal to the broker-deal network and lender network that INVIZEN supports.  The INVIZEN approach to acquisitions and recapitalizations includes the following key elements:

  • Access to the DST conduit for asset sales of stabilized properties; and
  • Access to the DST conduit for the purposes of obtaining initial funding commitments for take-out financing to support a new construction project financing; and
  • Access to the larger network of CRE lenders and private investor firms seeking opportunities for acquisition and/or recapitalization financings; and
  • Post-funding support with the RTS Asset Care Protection Program to provide investment performance assurance; and
  • Long-term profit-taking opportunities for sponsors of assets so they stay connected to both their near-term profit-taking and long-term profit-taking strategies that are supported by INVIZEN.

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