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The Verifier Report for Underwriting

Easy to Understand
Engaging Analytics
Comprehensive Assessments
New Construction, Acquisitions & Tax-Advantaged
Full-Scope Financial Risk Assessment Process
Advanced Financial Structuring AI Creates Deal Opportunities
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For as little as $1,000.00 per report, your firm can have the CRE new construction underwriting tools you have been waiting for – the Verifier Report by INVIZEN IT. This report provides both new construction and acquisition investing and lending financial risk assessments that focus on cutting edge analytics, broad data sets and full capacity, collateral, credit and default risk underwriting requirements.

Every Day More Transaction Opportunities Come in the Door – Which Ones are Real Deals?

Those deals just keep piling up and you know you spend way too much time and money chasing transactions that, for whatever reason you can’t fathom, just don’t close. So many shiny objects, so little time. How about you end your run on the hamster wheel?

Most Advanced Underwriting System in CRE Finance

Save Time, Money & Frustration on Any Scale You Choose with INVIZEN

Underwriting new construction projects places particular stresses on family offices, broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, funds and accredited investors. The commitment of time, resources and the management of multiple consultants and disciplines makes navigating these waters pretty darn difficult. The key to understanding your opportunity is to understand that the complexities of construction risk can in fact be segregated.

Verifier System Construct Supports Entire Transaction Due Diligence Chain

Verifier eliminates backlogs because you usually receive it on the same day you order it. It’s the world’s first near real-time underwriting program that provides a full valuation analysis, market feasibility study, financial feasibility study, capacity risk assessment, collateral risk assessment, credit risk assessment, default risk assessment, transaction structure recommendation, and integrated controls program to prevent fraud, execution risk failures and other issues that lead to default underwriting failures and/or non-performing assets.

Verifier is Integral to Our Fraud & Default Risk Prevention System Called iCREDIT

The INVIZEN Model Overview

Our systemic approach is based upon the incorporation of the holistic end-to-end solution approach that combines next-gen analytics together with systemic control systems that provide the market-centric solution set framework of the INVIZEN Model. This building block approach focuses on the market data pertaining to the asset class in question itself, the value the capital markets place on the asset class in general, the specific risk elements of the specific transaction construct (i.e.: known colloquially as “story book deals”) that legacy systems are just not equipped to support (hence the saying, “we don’t do story book deals”), to determine the potential for key risks to actually have the ability to materialize and become materially significant in the course of the investment holding period. The system design provides an intentional departure from some business practices so that many of the subjective financial investment risks that conventional wisdom tells us are “baked into the deal”, can actually be eliminated from having a potential impact altogether. This has a potential profound impact on the entirety of the risk profile of a given asset vertical in general, and the subject risk analysis in particular. From a practical viewpoint, this means subjective financial investment risks such as bankruptcy risk, foreclosure risk, liquidity maintenance risk, fraud, and even systemic market risk (to name a few) can be reduced to a level of not being reasonably expected to have a material impact on the transaction, or being eliminated altogether. The INVIZEN Model’s integration approach takes these tenets and incorporates them in to the resulting business model, the reporting program and management of all funds as the basis for structuring a given transaction opportunity.

Time to stop losing opportunities because the due diligence doesn’t match up with the market opportunity, transaction construct or risk management issues. Get an all-in-one approach that eliminates your reliance upon legacy systems and procedures that cost time, money, people and opportunities. Call us today.

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