CRE Transaction Screening

Full Underwriting Support to Demonstrate Risk Controls

Those deals just keep piling up every single business day and the CRE transaction screening process is way overdue for an update – CRE transaction screening needs a technical evolution. But how do we do this and risk losing the really promising transactions and continue chasing CRE transactions that just can’t be closed because default risk underwriting is what it is.

Incredible Underwriting Attention to Detail

The INVIZEN Platform provides initial CRE transaction screening reports that are not just analytics – we focus on the production of underwriting reports that contain business intelligence upon which actionable decisions can be made in light of the unique underwriting and investment requirements and risk tolerances of each particular broker-dealer, family office, advisor or fund.

Pricing Your Deal to Maximize Investment Inducement Potential

The INVIZEN Platform provides a combination of depth of analysis, next-gen analytics, and critical design construct analyses to generate fully compliant capacity underwriting risk assessment reviews, collateral underwriting risk assessment reviews, credit underwriting risk assessment reviews and default risk assessment reviews for both new construction projects and the acquisition of existing properties.

With the INVIZEN Platform you get a comprehensive, all-in-one solution that is designed to provide you with the critical knowledge you need to have before you make the commitment to take a proposed transaction through the underwriting process. This saves time, effort and money that you cannot otherwise hope to prevent.

How does this happen?

Proactive Prevention Focused on Transaction Specific Default Risks

It happens because the INVIZEN Platform is designed to undertake the underwriting process in near real-time.

Execution Risk Management That’s Proactive

That means what you do in 4 to 6 weeks we do in near real-time, and that means we can do it every month for the entire holding period of the financial instrument.

Proactive Credit Risk Mitigation Before & After Funding

That means we can provide you with proactive prevention controls for credit risk exposure.

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

That means we can provide you with proactive default risk prevention that is superior to any mitigation approach that can otherwise be contrived.

That means that your loss severity risk exposure can be reduced drastically from the average because you have up to 24 months of advance notice of events and issues that could lead to a future default.

That means you can time entry, exit and profit-taking events like you have never thought possible in the past.

That means you can have the compliance that FINRA, OCC, SEC and the states demand at your fingertips and at a cost your compliance department is sure to like.

That means it is now all about you. Find out more about the INVIZEN Platform by simply picking up the phone and starting things with an initial consultation.

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