Site Rank Valuation

The INVIZEN IT Site Rank system provides a unique valuation tool that is used in the overall Real-Time Underwriting program for the purposes of completing due diligence underwriting owing to the best use potential of a given site and market.

INVIZEN is unique in that it discards the MAI appraisal approach and focuses on the only thing that counts: the value of the given site to the resulting business deal for the specific intended-use being tested.  The result is the ranking of a site in terms of its intended-uses based upon 28 (currently) intended-use scenarios that include rental multifamily, fee-simple multifamily, specialty use, commercial, hospitality, senior housing and light industrial uses.  All of this is done in real-time using our proprietary technology so instead of months and tens of thousands of dollars for a full-scope valuation analysis system report, this is done in one (1) day and costs only $3,500 on a stand-alone basis.  Click here to see a sample report.

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