Decision Point – Investment Loss Prevention

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford
Proactive Prevention Focused on Transaction Specific Default Risks
Advance Warning of Up to 24 Months on Your Business’ Market Prospects
Capital Preservation Requires Zero Fraud Risk
Non-Performance, Fraud & Inefficiency Elimination
Best-In-Class Investment Loss Prevention & Mitigation

The Real Challenge – Preventing Loan & Investment Losses for the Entire Term

All that work that went into underwriting the loan and investment before it was funded can now be matched with the same level of due diligence and then taken to an entirely new level of loan and investment loss severity risk prevention and mitigation that turns the threat of CECL compliance into a real opportunity for increased profitability.

Meet Decision Point

The Decision Point system from INVIZEN represents a holistic approach to default risk prevention in all its ugly forms. Execution risk, financial reporting transparency risk, fraud risk, embezzlement risk, funds custody risk, asset obsolescence risk, vendor performance risk, and even market risk prevention and mitigation are now within your grasp with an all-in-one solution that offers best-in-class service, best-in-class pricing and best-in-class business intelligence.

The Decision Point system not only reunderwrites the entire transaction from scratch each month with component valuation, market feasibility and all underwriting component due diligence reviews, but goes to the final goal of eliminating risk issues conventional wisdom tells us are just part of the business. Fraud is eliminated, not mitigated. Embezzlement is eliminated, not mitigated. Credit risk is eliminated, not mitigated. Vendor performance and fraud are eliminated, not mitigated. That makes INVIZEN best-in-class and it is available to any company that seeks best-in-class profitability, security and efficiency at a cost that is not materially significant.