Smart Senior Housing Investing Practices

The aging population makes senior housing investing attractive and the return potential offered by these properties typically outperforms all other classes of commercial real estate income-producing properties, but this requires smart investing practices attend the opportunity.

One of the ways INVIZEN helps this process is with our RTS Asset Care Protection Program.  The RTS is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Advance notice of pending market disruptions to help prevent those surprise train wreck investment outcomes.
  • Liquidity maintenance monitoring to help prevent a bankruptcy as a result of a temporary liquidity crisis.
  • Notice of pending defaults that require an orderly exit from the investment opportunity before it becomes a fire sale candidate on the investment scrap heap.
  • Notice of early profit-taking opportunities that you had not foreseen, but the market forecast identifies on an ongoing basis.

If you are seeking capital financing or seeking to provide capital financing, the peace-of-mind that comes with the monitoring program that follows your investment for the full term of the holding period is just something you can no longer afford to go without.

And yes, you can afford it.  RTS is definitely affordable.  In point of fact, from an underwriting point of view, the enrollment and ongoing monthly monitoring costs would not reasonably be considered to even be materially-significant.

Find out if you asset and investment qualifies with a simple call and discussion with one of our representatives.  You can reach us at 832.663.9634.