Demo Day Rules

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Opportunity for all, but we have to follow the rules.

There are rules to participating in the INVIZEN Business Accelerator Demo Day events (“events” are virtual online presentation meetings were multiple persons or businesses shall be presenting information regarding their proposals to obtain capital financing in the future – each occurrence constituting an “event”) for companies seeking capital financing and for prospective interested parties who may be prospective future investors of said companies.

The Demo Day Event Program is an incredibly powerful tool that may be deployed to change the probability of success odds clearly in favor of the business or developer seeking capital.

Combined with the pre-offering solicitation authorization under Rule 241, the Demo Day Event program provides an incredibly powerful one-two punch to creating a systemic approach to obtaining capital financing on the most favorable terms and lowest potential cost.

Impact Focused Promotion in Advance of Offering Election…

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The goal is using 21st Century innovations to attract capital for businesses and CRE projects

As the sponsor of the Demo Day event, INVIZEN representatives, pursuant to Rule 148 are not be permitted to:

  • Make investment recommendations or provide investment advice to attendees of the event; 
  • Engage in any investment negotiations between the issuer and investors attending the event;
  • Charge attendees of the event any fees, other than reasonable administrative fees;
  • Receive any compensation for making introductions between attendees and issuers, or for investment negotiations between the parties;
  • Receive any compensation with respect to the event that would require it to register as a broker or dealer under the Exchange Act or as an investment adviser under the Advisers Act. 

In addition, the information conveyed at the event regarding the offering of securities by or on behalf of the issuer will be limited to:

  • Notification that the issuer is in the process of offering or planning to offer securities; 
  • The type and amount of securities being offered; and 
  • The intended use of the proceeds of the offering.

Investing-Public Attendee Qualifications

All attendees who are not part of a given issuer group (i.e.: if you are not seeking capital financing but may be considering a future investment in one of the companies that is presenting information at a Demo Day event) must meet the test of being an accredited investor, as the term “accredited investor” is defined under Rule 501 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended. In addition, the INVIZEN/Rainmaker Analytics Terms Of Use Agreement shall apply to all parties at all times. Click here and register.

Overview of Accelerator Program Key Points

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The 21st Century Approach to Accessing Capital Financing