Commercial Real Estate Private Placement Offering Market Risk

At INVIZEN we talk about managing market risk and focus on the issue of commercial real estate private placement offerings and their potential for investment loss severity risk that leads inevitably to claims of investment fraud that are killing the securities and finance industries.

Market Risk  is a subjective financial investment risk – a risk that is hard for most people to quantify and understand how it can impact a commercial real estate property operating business (or any other business, for that matter).  Market risk is the risk that advances in technology will lead to asset obsolescence.  Asset obsolescence manifests itself as a market disruption that is experienced as an increase in competition within the geographical primary marketing area of a given business and/or in the form of an invention that permanently changes consumer purchasing preferences in a way that leads to dramatic reductions in the future revenue capture opportunity of a given business.  When those revenues are compromised then the distributions, dividends and asset values are also compromised.

INVIZEN is designed to provide up to 24 months warning of market risk events and disruptions that could cause asset impairment and monitor the business to help ensure those pesky administrative default foreclosure events don’t become a reality.  Learn more about INVIZEN from talking to us at 832.663.9634