Equity Capital Partners Program

If you are seeking capital funding and require investors, you have alternatives.  For those who believe they shouldn’t have to take the risk of offering securities, then there is an alternative.  In the end, you are issuing securities whether you realize it or not.  The question is who takes the risk of success or failure and what do the risk-takers receive.  If your desire is for your capital partners to take the risk, then there is an alternative: limit your exposure but be fully prepared to give up the majority of the upside potential in your business.  We are happy to help you with this process.

If you qualify you can receive the required equity investment for your CRE project or business, provided:

  • The financing requires is no less than $10 million; and
  • You can demonstrate the fact you have conducted (and paid) the costs of the necessary due diligence to verify your claims regarding the investment opportunity; and
  • You have no less than 1.5% of the financing you are seeking in available funds and you are willing to release these funds in stages as you complete the process and actual milestones are achieved (you will escrow these funds with our escrow agent or your escrow agent – doesn’t matter); and
  • You will stand to lose that 1.5% investment of your own capital if our independent valuation, feasibility study and underwriting reviews find you misrepresented the facts; and
  • You are willing to assign a super-majority of ownership to obtain the capital investment; and
  • Your business can demonstrate a buy-back to retire the capital provided within a 5-year period and do so at a premium that reflects current capital market investment preferences.

The capital financing requires approximately 60 days to process and closing occurs the day following approval.  To find out more contact our offices.