Business Execution Risk Management

Execution Risk Management That’s Proactive

Execution risk is the biggest risk businesses probably face on a routine basis.

Managing operations, construction, development or all the above can be a huge challenge that scares investors, lenders and entrepreneurs, alike. The iCREDIT approach to execution risk management is a unique benefit of the intuitive design of the services program suite of tools that comes with the iCREDIT subscription. While entrepreneurs may be able to talk their way through questions about potential investment exit scenarios and investment yield opportunities, the key issue always boils down to whether or not the business will be managed properly. This is the core investment loss risk that every lender and every investor has to accept, and the core responsibility of every promoter, sponsor, issuer, borrower and entrepreneur to ensure happens when it is supposed to happen, how it is supposed to happen and then report what has happened.

iCREDIT operates in a unique way that is not otherwise found in the market today because of the proprietary intellectual property design that was built by someone who understands business operations, underwriting and financial risk assessment. This multi-discipline design approach created the following benefit opportunities for iCREDIT subscribers that you just can’t duplicate:

Business Process Management Communications

The way in which iCREDIT manages vendor payments also provides the iCREDIT business subscriber with real-time business execution management cues to the other vendors involved in a given work task or project to help manage scheduling, delivery and completion in real-time for everyone’s benefit. “If Joe forgot to call the concrete company on Friday (as he was headed out the door to the bar) to deliver concrete on Monday because the dirt work was finished, iCREDIT steps in and provides Joe, the concrete company and the concrete contractor with a reminder and notice that this ready to be done.” Business process management communications create compounding loss events that add up to losses investors and lenders have to suffer. This type of unforced error is due to human error or negligence. It doesn’t have to be intentional negligence to cost money and time (time also equating to money lost). iCREDIT helps put an end to this age-old problem.

Scheduling Changes

Whether it is the weather, a change order, a factory delay or an onsite work failure, changes to schedules occur because of human interactions. The iCREDIT system automatically updates all parties in a given work program of changes in schedules, inspection requirements, material delivery and coordination of their respective sub-contractors of changes in the plan and informs all parties of the result in real-time. What’s your system do?

Market Changes

When market conditions change you need to be able to make an informed decision. Do we hold, do we deploy more capital or do we seek to exit before the fire sale? iCREDIT customers receive the unique benefit of the Decision Point System reporting that provides a full financial risk assessment of market conditions and their impact on the enrolled business each month the customer is an enrolled iCREDIT customer. Imagine having up to 24 months of advance notice of potential changes or market disruption events. What would that be worth? Imagine having a financial reporting system that does a complete capacity, collateral, credit and default financial risk assessment AFTER the money changed hands the same way it was done BEFORE the money changed hands, every month for the entire lifetime of the business or investment. What would that be worth to you? What would a prospective lender or investor have to say about that extra level of assurance potential?

You need to find out more about the changing face of business that has been created as a result of the market disruption of the iCREDIT program’s entry into the B2B world. Talk to us today about what Day 1 looks like for your business fortunes.

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