Fake Invoice Scams

Recognizing fake invoice scams (email phishing malware sent via spam) can be difficult at best.

Fraud – in all its ugly forms – costs businesses a lot of money and fake email scams are part of a larger email phishing problem that plagues the online world and directly victimizes B2B businesses, commercial real estate properties and development projects, as well as lenders, investors and other third parties. You can spend a lot of time trying to figure out if an invoice is legitimate and that is probably time better spent on the core mission of your business. You can pay the cost of mitigation after you have been hit, but that cost can be steep. Last year Google and FaceBook were nailed form ore than $123 million by a single attack that went unnoticed until it was far too late. If the tech giants can’t protect themselves, what are the odds you are going to be immune from this profit-killing criminal enterprise?

iCREDIT offers the alternative you may find to be the most attractive solution in the market today. Email phishing, payment diversion, embezzlement and other common scams cannot victimize you if you are an iCREDIT subscriber because iCREDIT functions in a fundamentally different way than the current payment processing approach most businesses routinely adopt. Scammers count on human error and your lack of available time to perpetrate the scam. iCREDIT goes beyond invoice fraud prevention and eliminates this route to illegal activity and a whole lot more.

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

We know you are worried about cost. We designed iCREDIT to create powerful savings opportunities on multiple levels and in multiple ways so that the cost of the iCREDIT service becomes considerably less than the opportunity of increased operating profit margins starting on Day 1 of your subscription. There are so many more benefits to the iCREDIT program that we encourage you to learn more or talk to a representative today.

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