False Billing Fraud Prevention

Foolproof Your Business from False Billing Scams

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The false billing fraud scam routinely ensnares businesses worldwide. The false billing fraud scam is typically a low-dollar, long-term fraud that is pulled on companies that have a multitude of vendors and limited accounts payable resources handling the processing of invoices, so the invoices of the criminals have the chance to slip between the cracks for an extended period of time. The more deadly version (from a financial point of view) is the false invoice that spoofs a legitimate vendor and results in payment redirection of the funds that were owed to the vendor. This creates a double-dip loss as the vendor still has to be paid – that liability doesn’t go away because your company was scammed. This is just another form of theft that requires a systemic solution (don’t forget about embezzlement prevention).

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

The Permanent Solution to False Billing Scams

Invoice phishing, payment redirection, domain spoofing and dummy company frauds are not possible outcomes in the iCREDIT system subscription service. They are not possible because iCREDIT just processes invoices and validates payments in a fundamentally different way to help ensure every invoice and payment are independently verified. This verification process requires no less than three (3) independent sources. This makes the fraud scheme virtually impossible to attempt, much less undertake without immediate detection.

End It & Profit From Your Decision

iCREDIT is offered for a limited time on a reduced cost basis. The subscription cost each month is so low that the resulting savings to your administrative costs and personnel requirements provide the opportunity to actually increase your profit margin on operations. Talk to one of our consultants today and see how the benefits can start paying your dividends on Day 1.

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