Fast Start Business Planning

Business Plans in a Class of Their Own

The Underwriting Challenge Business Plans Present

Default risk underwriting requires the lender/investor to determine the likelihood that execution risk will become a cause of future losses. The depth of business planning due diligence documentation is the primary means of assessing execution risk. When the required documentation is missing, the result is almost always an underwriting failure that results in lost opportunity, time and money the lender or investor can ill afford. Recent changes to the securities regulations make business plans a potential problem for those who are uneducated regarding the potential disclosure issues the new regulations could create.

Challenge Accepted – Meet Fast Start

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

The Fast Start Reporting System is intentionally designed to end the execution risk controversy that attends most commercial real estate and B2B capital financing default risk underwriting reviews.

Capital Markets Access

The Fast Start program provides next-gen analytics within the context of business management best practices to create an integrated suite of required business plan elements that will pass muster because it is backed by our exclusive Decision Point default risk management system that follows the transaction after funding to prevent common execution risk issues from becoming your investment loss nightmare.

That’s Fast Start and that’s best-in-class.

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