Financial Reporting Transparency

financial reporting transparency and fraud management

Financial Reporting Transparency Re-INVIZENED

Financial transparency is not just good business, it’s a cornerstone of investment loss severity risk management. Access to accurate financial information is critical to decision-making for deploying capital and exiting an investment or loan.

Financial reporting transparency is more than just handing over an accounting report done in some off-the-shelf software program at the end of the month. These programs require user inputs and users decide what those inputs will be and there’s the rub. The risk is, “garbage in – garbage out” accounting that requires a forensic audit to confirm the entries. Before iCREDIT, the forensic audit either never happened or only happens at the end of the business cycle. That’s just too late for many businesses, every lender and every investor as this condition is a prime candidate for fraud to occur on an ongoing basis.

iCREDIT gives you the power to end this entire nightmare scenario and eliminate costs, risks and liabilities at the same time to increase your confidence in the reporting you receive and decrease operating costs and liabilities at the same time.

iCREDIT gives you the benefit of real-time financial reporting that is based upon an audit trail run on 100% of the chart of accounts entries of the business as each transaction event happens. This means the chore associated with preparing management reports, financial reports and related tasking is eliminated. This means the A/R, A/P, bookkeeping, accounting and auditing costs and positions in the firm are also made redundant that saves real money starting on Day 1. This means the access to updated financial reporting happens in real-time to give everyone access to the same information at the same time – that time being real-time.

Find out how iCREDIT can make the difference in managing execution risk, investment loss severity risk, fraud and provide you with advance warning of potential pitfalls and events that could impact your investment, your loan or your business, as the case may be. iCREDIT is the Day 1 solution you need to save money, time and a lot of worrying.