Fraud Elimination – Not Just Prevention or Mitigation

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Fraud & Embezzlement Cost Jobs, Careers, Capital & Companies

Default risk due to a lack of fraud elimination is one issue that keeps underwriters, investors and broker-dealers all up late at night. Now there comes a way to cost-efficiently prevent the most common forms of fraud from occurring and do even more.

iCREDIT Intelligent Risk

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners annual 2020 report estimates that fraud costs the world economy more than $4.5 trillion a year with an average loss of over $1,509,000. The future of fraud is looking strong. Your company is a future target to be sure, but the future outcome may be in how we create and apply Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to solve this issue once and for all. One of the benefits of our exclusive program creates the following outcome opportunities for CRE properties and B2B businesses of all kinds:

  • If a criminal sends out a phony invoice to be paid by your company, the iCREDIT AI construct rejects it.
  • If a criminal hacks the computer of one of your company’s vendors and sends out a phony invoice, the iCREDIT AI construct rejects it.
  • If a criminal cons one of your employees into submitting a phony invoice for payment, the iCREDIT AI construct rejects it.
  • If an employee sets up a dummy company to send phony payments to in hopes of embezzling money, the iCREDIT AI construct rejects it.
  • If a vendor sends an invoice for products, services or work that you did not receive, the iCREDIT AI construct rejects it.
  • If a vendor sends an invoice claiming a representative of your company approved a change order that was not approved in a written contract, the iCREDIT AI construct rejects it.
  • If a vendor fails to complete their contract obligations and submits an invoice for the work that is not approved, the iCREDIT AI construct rejects it.
  • If a hacker hacks your company’s computer and sends out an invoice for payment, the iCREDIT AI construct rejects it.

Why settle for mitigation or prevention when you can have elimination instead?

fraud elimination, prevention, mitigation program

iCREDIT offers a systemic solution to many of the default risk issues investors, underwriters, RIAs, family offices and B-Ds commonly face with investment transactions. iCREDIT represents a fundamental departure in the way that funds are managed, risks are managed and financial transparency is enforced to help end the threat of fraudulent investment inducements, investment loss severity risk issues and other maladies that plague our industry.

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Now we get to the good news.

iCREDIT pays for itself. iCREDIT is designed to reduce redundant G&A costs associated with receivables, payables, accounting, bookkeeping and auditing requirements, and create the opportunity to become more efficient and lower the cost of obtaining the goods and services every B2B business or CRE property needs to operate. The resulting savings and increased profits become a multiple of the subscription cost associated with iCREDIT. Yes, you can afford it. If your business has more than $550,000 in receipts (sales, capital contributions and/or loan proceeds) a year (or expects to), then iCREDIT can very likely be made to work for your bottom line.

What will you do with the additional profits?

What will you do with the time saved?

What is the peace-of-mind worth to not have to worry about default risk every night when you go to bed?

Make more money, more efficiently and without having to take risks that are no longer part of the rules for getting to play the game. Contact us today to learn more about iCREDIT and start increasing your profits on Day 1.