Fraud Prevention

fraud prevention

iCREDIT moves beyond fraud mitigation with a program construct that is focused on fraud prevention. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The fraud management aspects of iCREDIT directly address the core issues businesses and CRE project sponsors face in today’s business climate.

The proactive fraud prevention aspects of iCREDIT provide the following key outcomes for the benefit of all of the parties involved in the development and operation of businesses and/or CRE income-producing properties:

  • Fraudulent Payment Fraud Prevention. In the iCREDIT system, it is not possible for an invoice phishing scheme to be used to defraud the customer or the customer’s vendor. iCREDIT puts an end to this criminal activity, as well as the classic bank diversion schemes that are used to divert payments due to vendors to the accounts of criminals.
  • Fraudulent Lien Prevention. The iCREDIT system offers a unique alternative to CRE project sponsors and capital investors to the traditional reactive approaches to the prevention of liability owing to mechanic’s liens from being filed because a vendor fails to pay materialmen, labor or other suppliers.
Business, CRE & Corporate Fraud & Embezzlement Prevention
  • Fraudulent Fund Diversion. The iCREDIT system provides lenders and investors with the confidence of knowing their funds will not be misappropriated by the business and diverted to purposes outside the bounds of the approved business deal. iCREDIT enforces whatever the tenets of the business deal may be between all parties. You get yours and they get theirs and nobody gets theirs out of somebody else’s.
  • Fraudulent Financial Reporting. The iCREDIT system provides a powerful alternative that empowers sponsors, promoters, lenders and investors with real-time information on the financial status of the iCREDIT customer’s business as of the most current transaction event, together with our exclusive multi-tailed audit trail system that validates all payments and transactions. Sponsors will love the benefit of not having to spend time on creating management and financial reports, while saving real money on bookkeeping, accounting, A/R and A/P tasking at the same time. Lenders and investors will love having access to the financial information and advance warning of issues they may be facing at the same time the sponsor gets the information.
Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

There’s a whole lot more to this program and the incredible technology, people and processes that drive these outcomes and benefit opportunities. Contact us to learn how you can start creating more cash flow, less liability and fewer headaches on the very first day of using iCREDIT.

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