Capital Finance Business Accelerator Program

The name of the game is the time-value of money.

Welcome to Rainmaker Analytics; home of the INVIZEN Capital Finance Business Accelerator Program and The INVIZEN Platform. Whether you are an entrepreneur, commercial real estate developer, business, investor, securities broker-dealer, fund, angel or lender, the INVIZEN Platform provides supporting capital market services, programs and opportunities that are unique in the market today.

We Offer a Unique Value Proposition

Capital financing for businesses and commercial real estate projects just takes too long, is too darn complicated and too darn expensive. In an ideal world, securities offerings and commercial financings should flow in real-time or near real-time. The INVIZEN Platform value proposition focuses on reducing the cost and time that financial risk assessments, due diligence and disclosure documentation.

Save Time & Money Without Sacrificing Content

Whether you are interested in raising capital, borrowing, investing, complying with securities disclosure requirements, preventing future investment losses or screening transactions effectively, The INVIZEN Platform of services offers time-saving solutions that combine next-gen analytics, proprietary intellectual property and advanced reporting systems that form the basis of our reporting services and consulting support programs.

Regulation A Securities Offerings for CRE and Business Capital Financing
Opportunity to Raise Capital

Seeking Capital?

For those seeking capital financing for a business or commercial real estate development project, we have a systemic program solution to maximize your opportunity for success.

Is the proposed transaction priced and ready for serious underwriting, or just another storybook deal that will suck up your money and time?

Need Transaction Screening?

Click here if you are seeking transaction screening reports for new financing proposals submissions.

Need Due Diligence Reports?

We are focused on best-in-class due diligence reports such as underwriting reviews, business plans, feasibility studies, offering circulars or valuation analyses.

Best-In-Class Investment Loss Prevention & Mitigation

Need Compliance Support Solutions?

Real compliance solutions for CECL, FINRA, Basel III or other profit opportunities the regulatory gods have inadvertently created can be yours.

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Get some answers and create your own opportunity.

Need Help or Don’t Know?

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