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Big Data has been a major buzz word in the technology world for a few years now, and now Invizen is bringing this data to Commercial Real Estate. How do we use this data? How will it change our world? How will it change YOUR world? Big Data will change the real estate industry and your business.

INVIZEN is a high-technology program operated by Rainmaker Analytics.  INVIZEN operates through the Internet in a unique way to serve the interests of businesses located anywhere in the United States.  INVIZEN provides real-time analytics reports for businesses in a revolutionary way that is designed to help businesses make better decisions about deploying capital, managing their operations and having predictable sales revenues.

The INVIZEN IT Real-Time Analytics (or ” INVIZEN RTA”) Report is the basis of the INVIZEN approach for the commercial real estate industry, because the commercial real estate industry is the bedrock of every market economy around the world.  The INVIZEN RTA Report for the commercial real estate industry is designed to provide an opportunity valuation for any commercial real estate site in the United States.  The opportunity valuation provides the seller with the one thing that has always been missing from the listing price process – the income-approach valuation.  The INVIZEN RTA Report provides this from the viewpoint of the value of the site in regard to its future development potential to the prospective buyer who is assumed to be a commercial real estate developer.  This unique approach to the feasibility due diligence process can save time and help reduce the likelihood of a development failure for the developer interested in a given real estate site.

The capabilities of this approach are completely unprecedented and have the power to potentially change the way commercial real estate is priced, marketed, sold and developed for the entire commercial real estate industry.

What would you do if you could have faster, more efficient deals? What if you could identify your problems BEFORE they became disastrous? What if you could underwrite more frequently for less money and create investment structures that are safer?

The INVIZEN Real-Time Underwriting (or “INVIZEN RTU”) is based on the RTA reports data and analytics. The RTU is your solution to drastically reducing loss risk from term, maturity and technical default risk exposure. Our goal is to help you foresee possible problems in the future. Because we live in a market economy, the consumer has control over purchasing preferences. The RTU analyzes these purchase decisions within a comprehensive feasibility report analysis. This analysis is done in 5 days or less.

We want to help save you time, money and frustration by aiding you through the capital finance program. We help you through underwriting as well as post-funding care. This is done in a combined effort between the Invizen RTU and RTS (or “INVIZEN RTS”). These two together will save you time and critical investment dollars and help you achieve a better outcome by cutting out the guesswork.

The INVIZEN RTS is simplified into an executive summary that explains the complete underwriting analysis that is the underpinning of the RTS. The key analytics, explanation of key issues, and analysis are all compiled into a short summary and are identified by red, yellow and green lights to flag or accept key ideas.

The Invizen system is your new tool to determine where to minimize risks, avoid future issues, and save more money.

Call us today to learn more at 832.663.9634, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., CST M-F. You may also Contact us at info@invizenit.com.