Direct Investment for Commercial Real Estate Development Properties

Obtaining direct investment for commercial real estate development properties doesn’t have to be that hard.  The INVIZEN system is here to help you obtain commercial real estate development direct equity and debt financing via our flagship underwriting program that is part of the INVIZEN Real-Time Status (or RTS) system of valuation, feasibility analysis, underwriting and post-funding bankruptcy prevention and foreclosure monitoring.  The RTS is designed to help give the developer the edge required to demonstrate to prospective investors that the risks associated with their investment will be monitored and protected for the full term.

What does this mean?

Remember the fact that before an investor makes the commitment to put capital into a project they have to believe there is a way for them to get their money out again.  INVIZEN provides a systemic method of eliminating what is known as investment loss severity risk reduction – the reduction of risk associated with the investment loosing value.  By demonstrating to investors and lenders that this risk is now manageable, the odds of a successful funding can only be seen to increase, not decrease.

Only INVIZEN can offer you this underwriting approach and INVIZEN provides the network of equity investment broker-dealers, registered investment advisers and lenders who will support your development project and bring the project into the market.

Take time today to talk to an INVIZEN underwriting representative to learn more about how our underwriting program can help you realize your full potential while helping you reduce your capital investment risk and increase your financial investment leverage.  Feel free to contact us during normal business hours at 832.663.9634.