How Can I Get Equity Financing for My Business?

Equity Financing Made Easier, More Efficient & Less Costly…

You can thank the Securities & Exchange Commission for this one.

Impact Focused Promotion in Advance of Offering Election…

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The goal is using 21st Century innovations to attract capital for businesses and CRE projects

The New Look of Business Equity Financing

Obtaining equity financing for any business hasn’t been easy, right? The JOBS Act was definitely an improvement over the Regulation D rule change, but the November 2020 rule change creates opportunities for cost efficiencies combined with leverage and risk mitigation.

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How the New Equity Financing Really Works

Under the Regulation D approach, businesses and entrepreneurs were restricted from any form of public solicitation, yet public solicitation (i.e.: being able to advertise to the public your business is seeking capital financing) is the prerequisite for creating the odds of a successful outcome. The new rule change provides this opportunity on multiple levels and at multiple points in the process to accelerate the odds of a successful outcome dramatically (1 in 1.47 vs. 1 in 5.55 under Regulation D).

Equity Financing – Launch Yours Now!

Get a Good-Faith Estimate

You want the facts? Get a good-faith estimate of the costs of raising capital in the capital markets under the INVIZEN Capital Finance Business Accelerator Program.

It’s time you realized the odds are ever in your favor if you approach the capital markets under the new rules and use them to your advantage.

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Business involves measured risk-taking and we all compute the probability of success odds in making decisions on everything – including capital raises.

The INVIZEN Capital Finance Business Accelerator Program was created as a direct result of the new SEC rules to help you maximize those odds. Start things off with a free initial consultation today.