Big Data: The Effects on Real Estate

Big Data has been a major buzz word in the technology world for a few years now, but now Big Data is entering the Real Estate world.

How big is big? How do we use this data? How will it change our world? How will it change YOUR world? Big Data will change the real estate industry and your business.

The commercial industry has been working inefficiently for far too long. The INVIZEN IT Real-Time Analytics (“RTA”) Reports program represents a revolution in technology and information that is Internet-based for the benefit of the entire commercial real estate industry and beyond. The INVIZEN RTA Report for the commercial real estate industry is designed to provide an opportunity valuation for any commercial real estate site in the United States. The opportunity valuation provides the seller with the one thing that has always been missing from the listing price process – the income-approach valuation. The INVIZEN RTA Report provides this from the viewpoint of the value of the site in regard to its future development potential to the prospective buyer who is assumed to be a commercial real estate developer. The capabilities of this approach are completely unprecedented and have the power to potentially change the way commercial real estate is priced, marketed, sold and developed for the entire commercial real estate industry.

Below, you will find a sample report along with a presentation explaining more about the report. Take a few minutes to explore and feel free to contact us at 832.663.9634 or to purchase a report or ask any questions.


Senior Housing Intended Use Sample Report