How to Get Investors

Business requires controlled risk-taking to be successful.  You are almost certain to fail at obtaining capital if you do not have a sober appreciation of the fact capital is not going to be invested if it is not proven beyond a reasonable doubt the proposed investment risks are worth the reward.  That reasonable doubt requires the sponsor (that’s you) to pay the costs of the due diligence investigation because you are the one making the claim your business or project is a good investment.  Those who refuse to accept this reality routinely fail.  There is no alternative because the sponsor (again, that’s you) has a conflict-of-interest in the matter.  Theoretically speaking, we have to assume you will say or do whatever is necessary to induce the investment even if what you say or do is only in your interest and not in everyone’s interest.  That requires investors to hire people like us to see if what you are claiming is likely to be true.  You get the pleasure and honor of paying for it all.  If you are not willing to pay for it then the investor simply goes to the next sponsor who is willing to pay for it and you get the honor of being rejected. The recent change in the securities regulations now provides the means of how to get investors in the public arena – a much more promising outcome with a much, much higher probability of success.

Due Diligence You Can Use

This happens because you are not dealing with a group of prospects but a single prospect.  When you deal with one party you agree to their terms or there is no deal.  Life works this way – it’s called “Rational Choice Theory”.

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

IPOs routinely succeed because the sponsor is dealing with thousands (even millions) of prospective investors (who must be qualified investors).  They get no special deal – they either take what you are offering or they don’t.  That’s the power of large numbers.  This is harnessed in the Rainmaker Capital Markets Program for the benefit of sponsors like you who are seeking $10 million or more in capital financing and want to control their future and the opportunity they are promoting.  The statistics tell the whole story.

Are you a real promoter?  If so, give us a call.  We have some things you need to know.