Initial Transaction Screening

All transactions and/or proposals presented in a Demo Day Event or presented in The Deal Room are required to submit to an arm’s-length screening process prior to being made available for expressions of investor interest.

Rule 241 Funding Proposal Advance Release for CRE Project Financing
Current Funding Plan Proposal for CRE High-Yield Investing Opportunities.

Demo Day Events, used in conjunction with advance business plan solicitations, provide an incredible opportunity for multiple levels of winning for businesses and developers seeking capital.

Advance Deal Opportunity Release Sample

Impact Focused Promotion in Advance of Offering Election…

demo day event business plans for crowdfunding raises
The goal is using 21st Century innovations to attract capital for businesses and CRE projects

The final output is intended to provide the prospective investor with an easily digestible summary that includes customized video content describing the transaction. Ask yourself this – do you want your plan in front of the prospective investor or one that directly engages them? The Advance Deal Opportunity Release is part of the overall Demo Day Event program services agreement.

The Process That Creates Advance Deal Opportunity Releases

Market Opportunity is the Ballgame

Market Proof of Concept

Proof of concept is required. This is in the form of a market feasibility study, advance sales, current sales and/or channel partner agreements.

Transaction Support

Capacity Underwriting Review

The potential earnings capacity of the future business operations is analyzed to determine the likely EBITDA or NCF earnings potential.

Incredible Underwriting Attention to Detail

Collateral Underwriting Review

A valuation analysis is also required to determine the expected value capital market investors would be reasonably expected to assign to the business and assets. The goal is to determine the potential premium that would attend the funding proposal as well as verify the potential exit scenario for investors in a given transaction.

regulation cf capital financing transactions for CRE
Analysis & Support for Actionable Outcomes

Structured Finance Underwriting Review

The capital stack design, pricing and resulting yield expectations are also a review requirement with a focus on creating a targeted return that may be attractive and eliminating common conflicts-of-interest.

The INVIZEN Program does not perform a complete financial risk underwriting review of a given proposal, issuer or business. All clients are encouraged to have a comprehensive financial risk underwriting review and due diligence review and disclosure prepared prior to undertaking an offering of securities or accepting a proposal for financing that may result from a discussion from a prospective investor expressing interest in their proposal. Accordingly, no warranty or guarantee of any kind regarding any recommendation, finding, opinion or disclosure is hereby made or implied by Rainmaker Analytics.

Ideas alone usually don’t go very far – they have to be put into action.