Investor’s Corner

Business, CRE & Corporate Fraud & Embezzlement Prevention

iCREDIT is intentionally designed to eliminate the most common risk issues investors have both before and after they commit risk capital.

iCREDIT is designed to prevent – not mitigate – some of the most common problems that can create investment non-performance and/or defaults. Investment underwriting must encompass capacity, collateral and credit risk reviews but default risk is where the real exposure lies due to various execution risk issues.

iCREDIT directly addresses the following common issues:

iCREDIT is an affordable and proactive financial management, funds custody and reporting solution that eliminates redundancies and creates lower levels of operating liabilities and lower operating cost opportunities. If you are considering making a loan or capital investment, iCREDIT is the solution that keeps everyone honest and living up to the terms of the business deal. We support lending, equity securities offerings, distressed asset purchases and other joint-ventures.

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