INVIZEN Business Accelerator: Investor Participation Program

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Exciting Opportunity Potential for Accredited Investors

INVIZEN Business Accelerator Demo Day Program Launch

The Rainmaker Analytics team is pleased to announce the launch of our Demo Day Program thru the INVIZEN Business Accelerator Program. The Demo Day Program is designed to showcase multiple investment proposals for advance review and underwriting consideration before the issuer/promoter undertakes a formal securities offering. Demo Day gives accredited investors additional opportunities to gauge their interest in participating in a future offering while allowing the issuer to further refine their proposed financing, business plan and/or other relevant matters before entering the capital markets. Demo Day is a potential win-win for all participants.

Impact Focused Promotion in Advance of Offering Election…

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The goal is using 21st Century innovations to attract capital for businesses and CRE projects

How is This Possible?

This web page provides information to the interested parties that constitute the investing-public. The SEC Final Rule 148 (Release No. 33-10884) provides clear rules on the operations of Demo Day events and who is allowed to participate. This web page is designed to help answer the questions surrounding the upcoming virtual Demo Day events the INVIZEN Business Accelerator Program will seek to promote from time to time.

Who Can Participate?

The new Rule 148 makes it fairly clear that accredited investors and accredited investment entities (e.g.: Qualified Institutional Buyers and Institutional Accredited Investors – “QIBs” and “IAIs”, respectively) are the only allowable participants and that the sponsor (e.g.: INVIZEN Accelerator) has the duty to reasonably ascertain the status of all participants as meeting the tests under Rule 501 before affording a potential participant access to a Demo Day event. That means you have to complete this form (click here) for the record and may be required to provide additional information to prove your status.

Why is This Required?

Demo Days are advance communications regarding a potential future investment opportunity. Participants have the opportunity to preview a given investment proposal before the issuer has even elected which offering vehicle (i.e.: registration-exempt or registered offering) they may pursue to issue securities and these constitute potential general solicitations of unaccredited investors which are not allowed under the rules. Accordingly, we must take reasonable steps to allow the Demo Day events to comply with the requirements of the securities laws and hope you both understand and appreciate our commitment to conform with all of the required rules and regulations.

Overview of Accelerator Program Key Points

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The 21st Century Approach to Accessing Capital Financing

Get Moving With More Information

Demo Days will commence around or about the posting of the new SEC rule in the CFR. Get loaded up and claim your slot in line by contacting our offices. Start the process by completing the basic information registration form.