INVIZEN Project Limitations Requirements

INVIZEN modeling works on the basis of the assumption of “all other things being equal”.  In practical terms, this means the development program is expected to meet average conditions in terms of the development envelope that impact both schedule and cost.  To the extent issues may exist that are above and beyond the assumption of average conditions being realized, obviously deviations would occur in both the pro forma schedule of activities and the costs associated with those activities.

These associated activities, issues, requirements and/or impediments include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:project limations chart

  • Regulatory Matters.  This would include permitting, zoning, environmental, historical, operating requirements, business licensing and related issues.
  • Site Conditions.  This would include soil conditions, easements, setbacks, demolition, debris removal, utility availability and related issues.
  • Design Conditions.  This would include efficacy of design, special engineering requirements, utility connection fees, impact fees and related issues.
  • Construction Requirements.  This would include construction requirements, change orders, construction systems and related issues.
  • Operating Conditions.  This would include unusual or special operating requirements, staffing requirements, benefit requirements, union requirements, extended lease-up requirements, competitive pressures and related issues.
  • Management Conditions.  This requirement is simply stated that expert management is employed at every level and at all times to perfect the stated development, construction and operations plans.
  • Capital Market Conditions.  This requirement is simply stated that capital is obtained in the amounts specified, at the times specified and deployed in accordance with the pro forma financial schedules for same.

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