Final Check Financial Risk Assessment

Since the economic downturn in 2009, the process of raising capital financing has been heavily scrutinized, which has made the process even more difficult. If you are a business, entrepreneur or commercial real estate developer, you know what we are talking about when it comes to the difficulties of raising capital. The fact is that investments don’t go bad typically the month following underwriting, but the risk starts to really get significant beyond two (2) years. This is due to the creative destruction in a healthy market economy that drives advances in technology. The advances in technology create asset obsolescence and this is played out in the economy every day resulting in market risk. So it is easy to see that if you had the luxury of having your investment or loan completely reassessed each and every month of the asset holding period, you could manage that market risk for your benefit and avoid a whole lot of pain, cost and regulatory nightmares. That is what INVIZEN does. It is a near real-time financial risk assessment program that proactively defends against market disruptions and provides accountability for property operations to help avoid the most common sources of administrative foreclosure default events as well as bankruptcy petitions resulting from unforeseen liquidity crises. It works because it is affordable, fast and comprehensive in its approach.
The tools currently available, such as credit ratings and scores, are not currently working. Underwriting programs up until this point have been based on outdated, expensive and slow data. This prevents more than 4 out of 5 capital financing projects from achieving success. The process takes too long and is too inefficient to continue as is and results in lost opportunities and lost revenues.
What would you do if you could have faster, more efficient deals? What if you could identify your problems BEFORE they became disastrous? What if you could underwrite more frequently for less money and create investment structures that are safer?
Introducing the INVIZEN Final Check. Your solution to drastically reducing loss risk from term, maturity and technical default risk exposure due to our unique program that extends beyond the underwriting and funding process themselves. Our goal is to help you foresee possible problems in the future. Because we live in a market economy, the consumer has control over purchasing preferences. The Final Check analyzes these purchase decisions within a comprehensive feasibility report analysis. This analysis is done in two (2) days typically (see a sample report).
We want to help save you time, money and frustration by aiding you through the capital finance program underwriting and funding processes. We help you through underwriting as well as post-funding investment protection for the benefit of the financial participants in the transaction, as well as the sponsor/issuer management team.
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