Invoice Fraud Prevention

Business, CRE & Corporate Fraud & Embezzlement Prevention

The iCREDIT invoice fraud prevention and elimination program represents the new face of fraud and embezzlement protection for B2B businesses and CRE projects and income-producing properties.

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

BEC attacks require invoice fraud prevention to become invoice fraud elimination. Anything less than eliminating the possibility of a BEC attack could end in real disaster because the “combo platter” approach of the BEC invoice attack (invoice phishing) combined with advanced research and telephone solicitation being undertaken in concert will defeat a software program that simply filters emails. iCREDIT addresses the totality of this challenge – not just the invoice fraud symptom that gets all of the publicity. Publicity is no match for the fraud realities that impact businesses.

Invoice Fraud Prevention – Inside Out

Invoice fraud prevention requires you to address both internal and external sources of fraud and embezzlement. Most people are familiar with the external threat – a cyber criminal initiates a false invoice that either spoofs the invoice of a legitimate vendor or the cyber criminal initiates a unique invoice for goods or services that are not provided to the victim company. The more insidious invoice fraud issue is insider embezzlement. In this scheme, one or more of your trusted employees creates false invoices at their desk and makes payments to bank accounts for goods and services never delivered, and the employee controls those bank accounts, thus depriving your company of money, reputation and even its potential existence. Invoice fraud prevention requires an “inside out” approach that addresses ALL FORMS of fraudulent transaction initiation. That’s what iCREDIT provides.

Invoice Fraud Prevention Includes Embezzlement Elimination

Invoice fraud prevention requires you to address internal payment diversion that includes invoice fraud as well as officers, directors and/or managers diverting funds. iCREDIT ends this potential problem in its tracks. It’s just not a possible outcome because of the way iCREDIT operates. Worried about affiliates or family being hired for “no-show consulting” jobs? iCREDIT has a solution for that – it’s called transparency and prior notice. That’s what iCREDIT provides…

Cost is Important, Right?

Businesses have been using the same means and methods for managing accounts payable and receivable for almost a thousand years. It’s outmoded, outdated, inefficient, expensive and contains liabilities these businesses routinely ignore – until it’s too late. The iCREDIT program advertises a net zero cost of service because the operating construct. The term “net zero cost” means the profit margin is expected to increase as a result of using iCREDIT and not decrease. From an accounting viewpoint the cost of iCREDIT would not be typically considered materially significant from a cost viewpoint (it would have to be more than 2.5% of the revenues or operating costs to meet that threshold and it is far short of that). This is possible because of the way the system works to create economies-of-scale that we benefit from (and we pass those benefits along to you!). The construct changes how payments get processed and the sources we used to validate every payment that happen without your knowledge or input. That’s what iCREDIT provides…

It Has To Be Workable, Right?

Businesses have to be able to implement advances in technology and business innovations in order to realize the benefits, otherwise; it’s all just promises like New Coke, Segue and the Edsel. iCREDIT doesn’t require in-depth or ongoing training. We handle the work and you get the benefits starting on Day 1 on a net zero cost basis due to the advanced technology design of the iCREDIT program that took us 14 years to develop and test. That’s what iCREDIT provides…

Most Advanced Underwriting System in CRE Finance

Talk to the experts at Rainmaker Analytics about a real solution that you can afford to have, afford to implement and count on to protect your company, your capital, your reputation and your future by calling us today to schedule a free risk assessment that is completely confidential. That’s what iCREDIT provides…

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