Invoice Phishing Prevention

iCREDIT takes invoice phishing prevention to its logical conclusion: total elimination.

Business Email Compromises (“BEC”) attacks rely upon invoice phishing and other sophisticated forms of criminal fraud to create payment redirection to criminals from victim businesses. Mitigation and prevention are a poor substitute for elimination. The revolutionary technology of the iCREDIT program construct is specifically designed to eliminate internal and external fraud and embezzlement schemes before they can start – and do this on a net zero cost basis.

The net zero cost basis claim is sustainable because iCREDIT does more than just eliminate fraud. It replaces redundant systems and processes that lower your profit margin. It creates the opportunity for lower operating costs for the goods and services your business routinely purchases. It can dramatically impact commercial real estate new construction project budgets. It eliminates management time wasted on reporting and financial analysis. These are real numbers that amount to real dollar opportunities you get bundled into the subscription.

There is no hands-on training that your staff has to go through to use iCREDIT. We handle that for them – that’s the whole point of the program. The days of having to endure default risk, market risk, fraud risk, and execution risk can all fade away into the past. This is the 21st century solution that addresses a 20th century problem that we have assumed we cannot end. Think again…

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