Crowdfunding E&O Insurance Savings

INVIZEN offers a proactive program designed to help crowdfunding platforms on the buy-side and sell-side of commercial real estate Direct Participation Program securities private placement offerings create a future of lower E&O insurance premium costs by helping eliminate the source of future investment fraud claims – that source being investment loss severity risk in commercial real estate securities.  This is part of our complete suite of due diligence services that only INVIZEN can offer – and provide them affordably on an ongoing basis for the full term of the investment holding period.

INVIZEN’s unique combination of artificial intelligence, real-time reporting, data and analytics provides up to 24 months advance notice of potential market disruptions in the local market area of the commercial real estate property business that could be the condition precedent to an otherwise unforeseen liquidity crisis that could end in a bankruptcy petition.  The INVIZEN system provides market analyses, underwriting reviews and intended-use valuations of every property and market on a real-time, proactive basis that is truly affordable.  Simply put: if you don’t have INVIZEN, you may not be in the future finance vertical that is going to fundamentally change because of the amazing INVIZEN technology.

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