Methods of Raising Equity Financing

Raising Equity Financing Requires You to Understand Large Number Theory

Everything comes with risks you assume to get the things you want. Obtaining success in raising equity financing is a numbers game that is the same as the numbers game you have to run to get customers for your business. If you don’t understand and embrace this tenet you will lose the game.

Spending Time & Money Required
crowdfunding cre projects odds of success and surety of outcome

Raising equity capital financing takes time and money. How much of each you have to spend depends on your understanding of how the capital markets work.

Probability of Success
Crowdfunding probability odds of success for equity financing are similar to those of IPOs due to advertising opportunities

The probability of success goes up as the number of prospective investors in your prospecting pool goes up. Going from investor to investor creates long odds.

Planning, Funding & Execution
crowdfunding advertising and marketing provides best potential odds of probability of success

You have to utilize a systemic approach that maximizes the opportunity for success. Marketing and advertising take time to work and must be applied systemically.

crowdfunding probability of success odds for raising capital financing for businesses and commercial real estate
Business involves measured risk-taking and we all compute the probability of success odds in making decisions on everything – including capital raises.
Fund Your Campaign
  • Broadcast advertising changes your odds dramatically.
  • Advertising costs money.
  • Sustained campaigns of at least 16 weeks of saturation advertising are the minimum.
Generate Impact

Impact is generated by repeating the value proposition enough times to create responses over a measurable period of time. Focus on a single major media market and saturate it over the campaign period.

Rules in Your Favor

This is the most important part. The new rules allow you to create a “marketing train” of events and advertising to effectively pre-condition the market for your financing to sell out in within a reasonable time. Use it or lose it.