Welcome to the Rainmaker Analytics Capital Markets Finance Licensing Program.  This program is designed to provide the entrepreneur, business or commercial real estate developer with an end-to-end solution tool kit to maximize the opportunity to obtain capital financing of at least $10 million or more for existing and new business ventures by undertaking what amounts to an “out-of-the-box IPO” for a fraction of the IPO cost and in a fraction of the time.  From a purely statistical point of view, obtaining capital financing via soliciting a bank, a fund, an angel investor or a registered IPO would not have as high a degree of certainty-of-outcome as using the Rainmaker Capital Markets Program broadcast advertising approach for most companies and start-ups.  This is possible because of the change in the securities laws allows this type of securities offering (i.e.: a registration-exempt Rule 506(c) private placement offering) to use broadcast advertising as the means to market and sell the securities.  If you are serious about obtaining capital financing then please watch the brief video below.

The following statistics are provided for those who question these material representations of fact (click here to download the research memo on these facts):

  • Rule 506(c) offerings last year raised more than 3 times the amount of capital raised in the entire IPO market.
  • In less than 5 years the Rule 506(c) offerings have gobbled up more than 8% of total Rule 506 private placement market share.
  • In 2017, Rule 506(c) offerings were closed every business day with a mean (average) offering of $41 million per offering at a pace of approximately 1 every business hour.
  • Since the rule change went into effect in September 2013, more than 7,000 of these offerings have been completed (versus approximately 1,000 IPOs in the same period).
  • The Rule 506(c) offering market vertical is growing at a rate of more than 300% per annum since the rule change.

The capital financing may typically include the following uses:

  • Working capital.
  • Sale profit.
  • Cost of issuance reimbursement (all qualified costs paid prior to closing being reimbursed at closing).
  • Cost of acquiring, developing and/or constructing capital assets including commercial real estate income-producing properties.
  • Cost of funding reserves.
  • Cost of due diligence.
  • Cost of organizational and offering expense.
  • Cost of other fees and expenses.

Please note the following:

  • No broker-dealer is required.
  • No underwriting discount is required.
  • No finder’s fees, success fees, transaction fees or sales commissions are required.
  • No fairness opinion or valuation process akin to the traditional registered IPO are required.

The capital risk profile would be reasonably considered to be attractive – Rainmaker Analytics can process the proposed financing within 21 days of receipt of all required due diligence and the expectation of closing should be 60 days or less from completion of the due diligence and launch into the market.  The upfront costs are reimbursable at closing and are generally less than 2% of the total offering.  This makes the direct market offering approach more competitive than commercial bank financing in most cases and eliminates the personal recourse and debt service obligations that attend commercial bank financing.  To find out more please contact us at 832.663.9634.

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