Multifamily Housing Private Placement Offerings

Whether you are a sponsor, developer, broker-dealer, lender or registered investment advisor, commercial real estate multifamily housing private placements offerings of securities present some interesting challenges and outstanding opportunities to create economic opportunities, jobs and real wealth. 

Multifamily Housing Development Financing Demand Remains Strong.

The key is understanding the due diligence burden requires that we have a sober appreciation of the fact that multifamily housing is a mature industry and is subject to significant market risk in the form of increased competition over time, as well as advances in technology that we see routinely play out in the local market areas. 

Advance Warning of Up to 24 Months on Your Business’ Market Prospects

This risk requires the production of business plans that demonstrate these risks can be proactively managed.  These issues figure prominently in our approach to multifamily housing private placement offerings to help developers and sponsors obtain the capital financing they need faster and more efficiently than other legacy approaches that still plague the capital markets.

Business Plans in a Class of Their Own

For sponsors and developers seeking capital financing (i.e.: commercial real estate ADC financing) INVIZEN offers a complete end-to-end solution that helps you get to the capital markets quicker and more cost-efficiently than ever before.  Our Real-Time Analytics system includes the following component reporting program elements that work in concert to provide the due diligence support necessary to sustain multifamily housing private placement offerings of both equity securities and debt securities:

Transaction Valuation: INVIZEN Authenticator Report

Market Centric

This reporting system validates the transaction value relative to the value that capital market investors would place on the transaction; then

Marketing & Financial Feasibility Analysis: INVIZEN First Look Report


The second step in every assignment is to complete a comprehensive market and financial feasibility analysis of the project and market to provide the requirements for capacity and collateral underwriting risk reviews.  The INVIZEN system completes this tasking in a real-time setting, saving money and time on a scale previously unforeseeable.  The INVIZEN system takes this to a whole new level by testing the empirical assumptions of the market feasibility analysis and the findings in a pro forma financial presentation; then

Financial Risk Assessment: INVIZEN Final Check Report

Due Diligence You Can Use

The third step is a comprehensive underwriting analysis and due diligence review of the proposed transaction that is fully supported by the requirements of Basel III, Dodd-Frank, FINRA, CREFC guidelines and capital market investment preferences.  More importantly, the INVIZEN system utilizes the criteria of the INVIZEN model to conduct each underwriting review in light of the requirements necessary for bankruptcy, foreclosure and investment fraud prevention for the entire term of the investment holding period; then

Post-Funding Default Risk Prevention: INVIZEN Stop Loss Monitoring

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

The outflow of the INVIZEN approach is to provide proactive, real-time monitoring and protection of the investment (or loan as the case may be) for the entire term of the investment holding period to provide the highest level of investment performance assurance by helping safeguard against execution risk, asset obsolescence risk, yield maintenance risk, bankruptcy risk, fraud risk, foreclosure risk and competition risk.

Business, CRE & Corporate Fraud & Embezzlement Prevention

Advances in technology and other forms of increases in competition will directly impact the future revenue capture opportunity of all kinds of commercial real estate property operating businesses and this means that proactive measures have to be taken before the close of escrow and then after the close on an ongoing basis.  This is the only way to provide a sustainable level of investment performance assurance and help prevent the future investment loss claims from becoming a constant reality.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Most Advanced Underwriting System in CRE Finance