New Equity Financing Program for Commercial Real Estate

Your Journey Begins

Maybe you thought you couldn’t qualify. Maybe you thought the odds were hopelessly against you. Maybe you were wrong…

capital financing probability of success odds using crowdfunding

New Rules Create New Probabilities of Success

The November 2020 SEC Rule Changes Puts the Power of the Capital Markets Into Your Corner.

The capital markets are now undergoing a sea change due to the SEC rule change that provides unprecedented levels of opportunity to efficiently address the market and obtain up to $75 million in non-recourse, at-risk capital contributions while still controlling the profit-taking opportunity that attends new construction projects and business start-ups, alike. The question is, are you savvy enough to understand how to use this new opportunity to your advantage?

capital financing probability of success odds using crowdfunding

Better than Lottery Tickets…

Under the previous rules, developers and promoters seeking capital had to go from investor to investor, and that was never going to be a fair outcome, was it? In fact, you would have potentially better off by playing $5 scratch-off lottery tickets to try and raise money as the odds on the scratch-offs are better than your probability of success under the old rules. Yet millions play both and somebody wins, right?

crowdfunding financing probability of success for cre new construction financing

If the Costs Were Right…

Crowdfunding opportunities have expanded so greatly that now commercial bank debt doesn’t look like a very attractive or cost-efficient alternative…

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