Payment Redirection Fraud Prevention

Putting An End to Payment Redirection Scams

Business, CRE & Corporate Fraud & Embezzlement Prevention

Commercial real estate property developments, properties, the construction industry and other B2B businesses are exposed to various types of payment redirection fraud schemes. Fraud takes many forms and social engineering fraud schemes (Internet-based attacks) routinely hit almost every business and far too many get bit. Depending on the scheme, the fraud can last for years and easily exceed $100,000. For most businesses, the financial loss – coupled with the embarrassment and potential default risk – can be a deadly one-two combination.

Asset Monitoring for Performance Assurance You Can Afford

Now You Can Put It Behind You…

The iCREDIT Program prevents fraud and embezzlement from entering your accounts payable stream and prevents internal/external embezzlement from being undetectable. iCREDIT functions in a fundamentally different way to prevent multiple forms of fraud and events that lead to default risk and a loss of investment. This subscription service provides proactive prevention of these maladies – not mitigation. Once the loss has occurred, the company cares little about locking the barn door. They want the horse back and most of the time that is not possible. iCREDIT puts an end to that outcome and lets everyone sleep at night.

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