INVIZEN IT RTO Business Plan of Operations (Integrated Plan & Pro Forma Department Budgets)


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The INVIZEN IT Real-Time Operations (RTO) Business Plan is both a due diligence document and a living document that can be utilized to help dashboard the operations management of a business on an ongoing basis.  The Business Plan of Operations is designed to demonstrate the sponsor’s readiness to conduct operations upon the receipt of capital financing by describing the operations of the proposed (or existing) business down to the employee class level.  The Business Plan of Operations provides department level operations guidance for all employees from line workers all the way up to the chief executive.  The Business Plan of Operations is a required document for Real-Time Underwriting due diligence purposes to demonstrate the likelihood of the sponsor being able to manage investment loss severity risk exposure due to management execution risk.  Plan length varies according to the type of business operations being undertaken, but generally exceeds 125 pages in length.  Processing time is 1 day for the specimen plan once customer information is collected regarding the scope of business operations.  This plan comes with INVIZEN Real-Time integration that includes component department budgets with line item analyses and spending limitations that are sourced from the INVIZEN Real-Time Analytics Feasibility (RTAF) Technical Report (i.e.: an INVIZEN IT RTAF Report is created to provide the data and pro forma financial schedules that are exported into this document).

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