INVIZEN Final Check RTU Technical Report (Real-Time Underwriting Technical Report)


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The INVIZEN IT Real-Time Underwriting (RTU) Technical Underwriting Report provides the Third-Party Financial Risk Assessment detail mid-level managers, compliance officers and underwriters typically require to garner in-depth detail regarding an underwriting analysis and due diligence review of a given commercial real estate income-producing property or other business.  The RTU Technical report provides reporting on capacity, collateral, credit and default risk underwriting reviews completed by the INVIZEN system that provide the back-up to the RTU Summary Report.  This report utilizes the RTAF Full Report and RTAF Technical Report feasibility study findings in addition to the proprietary technology and processes of the INVIZEN RTU reporting system to render this report.  This report typically requires 1-2 days to produce and generally consists of more than 125 pages.  If you require complete detail on your property or business underwriting review that includes all raw data, notes, assumptions, sources, etc., the RTU Full Report is available and would be ordered instead of this report.

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