INVIZEN First Look RTAF Technical Report (Real-Time Project Feasibility Study)


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The INVIZEN IT Real-Time Analytics Feasibility (RTAF) Technical Report is the typical feasibility analysis report ordered for a business or project seeking capital financing from third-parties.  This report provides a detailed presentation of a market feasibility analysis and then tests the key empirical assumptions and findings of the market feasibility analysis using a pro forma financial feasibility analysis that is based upon the empirical assumption data and findings data to determine if a reasonable basis may in fact exist for the use of these empirical assumptions in the study construct and the resulting findings.  This report is typically ordered by a developer, sponsor, promoter, lender and/or broker-dealer as part of the buy-side due diligence review for the underwriting of a securities offering (equity and/or debt). 

This report requires a day or two to process and generally runs more than 125 pages.  The forecast period is a 5-year period but the focus is on the near-term 24-month window that constitutes the “Forecast Zone Period” used in the INVIZEN underwriting and investment loss prevention program (i.e.: the RTS program) to identify potential market changes and events, that left unaddressed, could lead to an impairment of the future income stream of the property. 

Upon receipt of order and payment confirmation an INVIZEN representative will contact you to obtain the necessary assignment information.

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