INVIZEN IT Final Check RTU Full Report (Real Time Underwriting Complete Disclosure)



The INVIZEN IT Real-Time Underwriting (RTU) Full Report is a Third-Party Financial Risk Assessment that contains all of the information found in the RTU Technical Report, plus it contains all of the raw data, documentation reviewed, notes, assumptions and basis of calculations to allow for a comprehensive third-party review and audit.  This report typically exceeds 300 pages in length and requires 2-3 days to deliver. 

This report is typically ordered by a lender or buy-side broker-dealer for pre-closing due diligence purposes where questions remain after having reviewed the RTU Technical Report.  This report is also typically ordered by the capital finance partners in a given transaction and/or the transaction’s sponsor when a CAUTION Flag Event or WARNING Flag Event is detected by the INVIZEN RTS Monitoring Program regarding the potential for a future investment loss event.  

Upon receipt of order and payment confirmation an INVIZEN representative will contact you to obtain the necessary assignment information.

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