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The INVIZEN RTA provides a basis for an income-approach opportunity value analysis, all things being equal, of the given site to provide you with the information you need to justify the price a given listing can support, based upon the value of the site to the future buyer who is assumed to be interested in developing a commercial income-producing property.

This means the resulting program we provide creates a scenario where the following outcomes are presented to the potential buyer:

  1. The buyer (assumed to be a real estate developer) knows, before they even put the site under contract, what the potential yield the buyer would receive, all things being equal, if they developed the site in accordance with the findings of the INVIZEN RTA Report.
  2. The buyer has the opportunity to reduce the pre-development/pre-construction phase by at least 60 days due to the fact the waiting period requirement owing to the production of the feasibility study is eliminated.
  3. The buyer knows the predictability of the market analysis outcome would be, all things being equal, greater due to the fact that the feasibility analysis process eliminates potentially erroneous data sourced from people’s opinions who were surveyed in the feasibility study production process.  This expensive and time-consuming process is eliminated in favor of using real-time analytics reporting from businesses as to their actual operating outcomes they routinely report to shareholders and other third-parties.

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The INVIZEN RTAF Reporting system provides project feasibility studies for a variety of commercial income-producing property types, but differs from the 20th century approach, in that, the INVIZEN approach focuses on providing the value of the given real property site as a result (instead of the expected-case investment yield).  INVIZEN RTAF project feasibility studies offer a welcome departure from the 20th century approach to investment analysis, in that, the INVIZEN Concept focuses on replacing observations and opinions with real-time analytics (“RTA”) data businesses report to their shareholders, auditors and/or regulatory agencies.  While a given representative of a given company may be willing to tell a member of the public one thing (or not), the data reported to shareholders, auditors and regulators is usually the most accurate data the business has on the results of business operations.  As a result, the very structure of the INVIZEN RTAF conceptual approach would be reasonably-expected to have fewer errors in forecasting as a result as compared to the expensive, time-consuming approach of the past.

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Introducing the INVIZEN RTU. Your solution to drastically reducing loss risk from term, maturity and technical default risk exposure by quickly cross-checking all of the key transaction assumptions of the sponsor using our exclusive ASSUMPTION HOUND technology. Our goal is to help you foresee possible problems in the future and create workable solutions today – before the funding closes. Because we live in a market economy, the consumer has control over purchasing preferences. The RTU analyzes these purchase decisions within a comprehensive feasibility report analysis. This analysis is done in 5 days or less. We want to help save you time, money and frustration by aiding you through the capital finance program. We help you through underwriting to determine where to minimize risks, avoid future issues, and save more money.

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The INVIZEN RTS is like having 27 years of business management consulting at your fingertips showing you how to manage your assets and make better decisions about managing capital. 24/7/365.  INVIZEN is a universe of intellectual property created by our team over the last 12 years designed to dramatically reduce loan loss exposure and investment loss exposure by helping you get off the train before the wreck (instead of after the wreck). We provide feasibility and underwriting solutions at the beginning of your project to help get you started and then through the RTS, we provide real-time risk management throughout the entirety of your investment holding period. Whether you are a developer, investor, or lender, you will be interested in the RTS system. We use big data and real-time analytics that gives you end to end protection. We take the guesswork out of what works and what doesn’t, in order to help you in a fast and cost-efficient way.

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